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I went to Tesco last week and in the UHT milk section there was an array of new soya milks I’d never seen before. And they were on offer too – £1 each.


I got the cappuccino one and tried it last night.

vive soy cap

Oh my. This was delicious. I poured it into a mug and tried a bit, before putting it in the microwave (just incase it was gross – it would have been a shame to warm it, wait for it to be cool enough to drink, only to find it was undrinkable), and I’m sure it would be lovely cold in the summer with some ice. It’s very sweet, but such a delicious taste! I warmed it for 2 mins and then drank it. Yum.

The main differences I can see between vive soy and alpro soya are that alpro adds B12 (which I like – it’s good to know that gets topped up if I’ve not had marmite), but vive soy has a vastly higher percentage of soya beans in the milk (around 13% compared to alpro’s 6.5%).


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Long time no blog. I’m back!

I can’t believe it took me so long to try Alpro’s almond milk. It is SO GOOD. I am currently drinking a glass of it. I got the long life one, which was great because I kept it in the cupboard for a few weeks before I got round to putting it in the fridge. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so awesome! I guess maybe because the only other shop-bought almond milk is the Ecomil one which is crazy expensive and has a vaguely weird gritty-ish aftertaste. But this Alpro stuff is freaking heavenly!


Next plan – try their hazelnut milk. I’ve never had hazelnut milk at all (whereas I’d had homemade and Ecomil almond milk), so I am excited to try it.

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