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(We went to Brighton in August, and I have failed to post about this place until now, oops! It definitely deserves a mention…)

The last stop on out trip to Brighton was VBites. It’s a little way out of town so we decided to drive there before we went home.

VBites is famous vegan Heather Mills‘ cafe. I didn’t know what to expect because from reviews I had read and what I’d seen on the website, the food seemed to rely heavily on redwoods products, rather than exciting fresh ingredients. But it’s a completely vegan place, so I definitely wanted to try it. And I’m really glad we did, because it was pretty good!

It is right by the sea, and also surrounded by a host of other exciting things, which I’m sure would be really fun when the sun is out (it was raining when we were there!). There was a small swimming pool, skate park, tiny golf course, and lake area with watersports such as wakeboarding – click here for info.

this photo is a bit crap. it was much nicer and brighter than this!

I had:

"Sweet chilli chicky style wrap"

The wrap was really great – the “chicky” (I wish they wouldn’t call it that, it sounds ridiculous) was really nicely flavoured. The salad was great too, which I wasn’t expecting.

J had:

"Beefy style cheese burger"

He was very happy with it.

And we shared:

Garlic bread


cheezy chips

These side orders were ace – and the cheeze on the chips was super melty!

(I know it’s a lot of food. But we had a tiny breakfast to prepare for this, and then got stuck in a whole lot of Bank Holiday craptastic traffic on the way home so it’s a good job stocked up on food as it took forever to get back!)

And then! Dessert!

Swedish Glace - raspberry and vanilla

While we were there I was thinking about the location. Vbites is a few miles away from Brighton (2.7 miles from the pier according to google maps), which means that people looking for vegan food have to make a special trip there. It makes me think it’s a shame it’s so far away because maybe some vegans might miss out on going to one of the only vegan places around. But then on the other hand, it is so close to the beach (and there aren’t other cafes around) that hopefully it gets lots of non-vegans eating there, because it is so convenient and does nice food. So it is targeting people who might not necessarily choose to eat vegan food, which is great.

And I liked the bit they put on their menus about veganism:

I reckon we’ll go there again!


Hove Lagoon,



Tel: 01273 933757

Opening hours:

Weekdays 10am – 6pm

Weekends 10am – late (weather permitting )

Click here to read reviews of VBites on Happycow.net


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Earthlings is a film about speciesism. It was made in 2005 and shows the ways (most) humans use animals for food, clothing, entertainment and research. It is narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, and features music by Moby, both of whom are vegans.

I watched it when I’d been vegan for a while, and I think it’s an amazing film. But it’s very full-on; it’s full of images and video of animal cruelty, some of which is now imprinted on my brain forever. Everyone knows as an individual what their tolerance is for seeing such imagery and it’s for each person to judge for themselves – for me, I’ve watched a LOT of videos, and I know I need to be a bit careful not to over expose myself or I can end up feeling pretty miserable about the world. So I watch things ocassionally,  and I try to make the world a better place through promoting veganism where I can, and being a good example of a happy, healthy vegan.

Anyway, I digressed. My point was, did you know Earthlings is available to watch, for free, in full?

Click here to go to the Earthlings site.

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