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I love Zombies. And I love veganism. Who would have thought someone would have written a book which combined the two!?

The Vegan Revolution...With Zombies by David Agranoff

I really liked this book. It’s interesting, imaginative and quite light-hearted (if death and zombies can be light-hearted!). Each chapter ends with some multiple choice quiz questions, which is fun. And the story is well written and the strong vegan message runs throughout. 

One thing which always bothers me about zombie films/books though…the bit where the humans discover zombies exist and all their loved ones are probably dead only ever lasts a couple of minutes. As if it is quite easy to understand and come to terms with before you start smashing zombies in the face with cricket bats.

Just saying.

But anyway, I would recommend this book! And my non-vegan zombie-loving work friend read it and said it was great!


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After finding this article and this article, I decided I definitely wanted to work my way through reading all of the books on the lists. And as I do I’ll write a short review of each one on here.

So here’s the first one!

Popco by Scarlett Thomas

I had already The End of Mr Y, and really enjoyed it (it also had a small amount of covert animal rights messages). Scarlett Thomas is great at creating a lead character which is easy to identify with but also very interesting and individual.

The blurb on the back of the book says:

“Alice Butler has been receiving some odd messages – all anonymous, all written in code. Are they from someone at Popco, the profit-hungry corporation she works for? Or Alice’s long-lost father? Is someone else on her trail? The solution, she is sure, will involve the code-breaking skills she learned from her grandparents and the key she’s been wearing around her neck since she was ten. Popco is a grown-up adventure of family secrets, puzzles and the power of numbers”

back cover

I found this a really interesting read. Occasionally the detailed bits about codes went on a little bit, but I just skipped the odd paragraph if I lost interest! I really liked the main character, and it was definitely a book which made you want to keep reading. When I was reading this book, I did wonder for quite a while when the animal rights/veganism bit was going to become apparent, but it does in the second half! I liked the message of the book, and I would probably recommend it. And I do love that as a vegan, Scarlett Thomas is using her fiction writing as a platform to try and spread the message. There’s even a recipe for vegan cake at the end of the book, which I intend to make at some point!

From reading a couple of reviews on amazon, it seems some people found the animal rights aspect of the book a bit “preachy”, but I guess you can only feel that way if you’re being told something you’d rather avoid, and you’re feeling a bit defensive about it…

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