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Tim O’Shea – what a moron*

It’s fairly rare that I read something online which inspires such a reaction in me that I feel compelled to email the person who wrote it and tell that what I think. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I do read lots of wonderful things online, and I either comment on them or email the person to tell them they are a superhero. But when I read stupid things, I tend to sigh and move on. But not this time!

* I used the word moron because my Grandma might read this. Hi Grandma! Please feel free to insert your own, less polite word to describe this guy.

Recently I read this article – My So Called Vegan Life by Tim O’Shea.

There have been various online responses to it, a couple of which you can see here and here.

I thought I would share with you what I sent to him, and the response I got.

Here’s the email I sent him:


I just read your “My so-called vegan life” article.

I imagine (and hope) you’ve had a flurry of emails similar to mine, from vegans who are frustrated and disappointed at your article. It’s such a shame that when you chose to write an article about veganism, you decided to do it from an angle of skepticism, closed-mindedness and mockery.

Veganism for most people is about such a lot more than food. It’s about not being ok with death and suffering for the sake of a meal. It’s about loving life and health and all living beings. It’s about seeing through the industry and adverts and giving a shit about the animals who die for humans, and chosing to live a life which isn’t a part of the cruelty.

It’s such a shame you saw your article as an excuse to poke fun at vegans, and to have what is so very often the typical reaction. We’ve heard it all before. Boring. I wish you’d researched it properly (let’s be honest, you really didn’t try) – interviewed some vegans or animal rights organisations, vegan chefs or parents maybe? Eaten at some wonderful vegan restaurants, looked at the health benefits. How about watching an animal rights video or 2? How about actually attempting to understand? Or actually trying, and looking at the amazing food you can eat, rather than having a whinge about what you ‘can’t’ eat as a vegan?

Unfortunately I know of many people like you, and I’m sure rather than thinking about anything I (or any other vegans) have said, you’ll laugh it off and go and eat a burger.


And here’s his reply:

Jen –

Thanks for taking the time to email me back.  I appreciate you taking the time to let me know what you thought.  I won’t laugh off what you’ve said – my goal was to make myself the subject of the mockery, but I really must have pissed off every vegan on the planet because there has been no shortage of negative comments.

Thank you for sharing your frustration with the column.  And I am definitely using the phrase “having a whinge” at some point in the near future.



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