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A while ago I bought this hair dye from Holland and Barrett and I’ve only just got around to using it.

I have pretty dark brown hair (with the odd patch of white ones!) so wasn’t sure how well it would work, but I am pleased with the results! I don’t think you can tell very well in this photo, but it has given my hair a nice reddish tinge.

I hate taking photos of myself! But thought if I was going to do a post about hair dye then I should really – I’m aware I look like a bit of an idiot!

It was really easy to use. I did a test on a bit of hair because I’m often allergic to things so thought it was a good idea. All you have to do is pour one little bottle of dye into a bigger bottle and shake it lots, then apply to your hair with the plastic gloves provided. The bottle has a small applicator end where I guess you apply it to your roots but I just ended up squeezing loads into my hands and shoving it on my hair! I have a lot of hair ūüôā I was a bit worried I’d end up with a red parting/forehead/ears but it all came off fine when I washed it out. And I didn’t stain anything in the bathroom, well done me! Once you’ve got it all over your hair you leave it for 30-40 minutes and then rinse it off in the shower. You rinse until the water runs clear and then use the sachet of shampoo that comes in the box, and the conditioner. My hair feels lovely and soft. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole thing – easy to use and no mess!


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My wonderfully kind friend Laura got me a Hope Street gift set for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and since I’d never heard of them before, I thought it might be useful to mention them here in case it’s new to anyone else.

Hope Street is 100% vegan, and also uses no:

  • petrochemicals or mineral oils
  • parabens
  • sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS or SLES)
  • artificial colours
  • artificial fragrances

Here’s what arrived through my door:

Lemongrass and May Chang body wash, body milk and hand cream

I love this stuff! It smells great, and I really like that it’s ingredients are nice and natural.
Click here to have a look at the Hope Street website

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These are the best vegan yogurts ever. That’s all I wanted to say really.

I bought some of these from Wholefoods in London, some from Infinity Foods in Brighton, and some from my local (and very wonderful) health food shop. They are organic, and come in loads of awesome flavours (lemon is my favourite). And they are quite thin, so don’t have the slightly weird texture alpro yogurts can have.

You can buy them online at places like goodness direct.

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I usually use Lush shower gel, but after my last purchase there cost me a packet (£16.75 actually) I thought it might be wise to alternate between Lush shower gels and less expensive ones.

I’d heard some¬†Original Source stuff was vegan hadn’t thought to buy it for ages, and it turns out¬†they work with the¬†Vegan Society and many of their products are marked as vegan.

At first I was a bit confused, because they have the vegan society logo in the bottom left corner of the website at all times, which made me think all their products were vegan, until I saw they used honey in some (so I wasn’t sure if this meant other ones had other non-vegan ingredients in). So I got in touch with them and they informed me that all their products except the ones with honey in are vegan.

Not bad at all! But just ditch the honey, Original Source! Leave the bees alone.

from the Original Source website

I love refreshing shower gels and this lime one was great. Really zingy and fresh, and quite reasonably priced (£2.15 from Boots).

It smells almost exactly like green jelly babies

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I picked these up at the London Vegan Festival and thought I’d share my thoughts…

These desserts¬† are “ambient” products which means you can store them in the cupboard before putting them in the fridge to chill when you want to eat them. That means that the use by date is ages away (the ones I bought say mid-November), which can be handy. They are also soya-free, which is handy if you’re allergic or trying to avoid overdoing it on the soya. The desserts are also available in plain or black cherry flavours.

The Redwoods website says these desserts cost 59p, and you can buy them online, or from various shops – click here to see info on the Redwoods website.

Peach and apricot:

This was the first one I tried, and I’m not sure what I was expecting! It’s definitely more of a dessert texture than a yogurt one – the same kind of texture as alpro soya desserts. And as you can see, the colour is somewhat frightening – very bright! It’s pretty sweet and fruity, I think I would have it again if I happened to see it for sale, but I would necessarily hunt it out or order it online.


I MUCH preferred this flavour. For a start, the colour is much more normal, and it had a nice raspberry flavour. And in comparison to the peach and apricot flavour, it had a lovely amount of sweetness (the other one was a little too sweet I think).

Conclusion: Nice for a change, but not as refreshing as yogurt (such as alpro or sojade) or as indulgent as soya desserts (alpro soya desserts). I think these desserts are something of an aquired taste – I can imagine some people will love them and others will hate them. Not particularly helpful is it, this review!? Sorry!

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Sheesy pizza

As I said in my previous post, I bought quite a few different types of Sheese recently. I haven’t bothered with vegan “cheese” type stuff much at all since going vegan 18 months ago. I love making mac and cheese with noochy sauce, and when I was in San Francisco in May I had a wonderful vegan pizza with cheese, but that’s about it really. So when we tried samples at the London Vegan Festival and found them to be really tasty, I thought I’d try a few out.

First try – sheese mozzarella style:

I made mini-pizzas, using ready made pizza bases, tomato paste, capers, mushrooms and sheese.

It was pretty good! I found the preparation pretty weird though – it felt so strange to be grating something very cheese-like, and then putting it on pizza! The pizza was nice though, and went down well with J too (he’s a vegetarian) – and now I’m looking forward to trying out the other varieties I bought!

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This meal was delish and took a total of about 12 minutes to make. I love meals like that – sometimes you’re just too hungry, and you can’t be waiting around to eat. Tonight was one of those occasions, so I had wholemeal pasta, with red pesto and spinach…

I used a red pesto which I got from the Co-op. I love the Co-op! It’s great to be able to find a nice pesto with no dairy in it.


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