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In my pre-vegan (pregan?) days I wore lots of Doc Martens. Leather ones. Even though I was a vegetarian, somewhere along the line what I ate, what I called myself became disconnected from what I actually believed.

So when I decided to become a vegan, part of that was having a shoe purge. To start with I thought I might keep wearing the leather shoes until they wore out, but then I just couldn’t wear them without feeling a bit ill. And I realised that as long as I was wearing them, not only was I saying to the world that it was acceptable to wear leather shoes, but I was also giving people a reason to question my vegan life. You see, quite often people’s response to finding out I am vegan is to say “are your shoes leather?” – sometimes this is because they want to catch me out (they’re hoping they are leather, and therefore my lifestyle is flawed or inconsistent), and sometimes it’s because they want to hear that it is impossible to be vegan. That it’s too hard to find non-cruel footwear which is comfy and awesome at the same time. That really, leather is the correct material for shoes to be made of. Therefore they are right, and vegans are wrong.

But of course, vegans aren’t wrong. We are AWESOME, and leather is unnecessary.

So the shoes had to go. That meant getting rid of LOTS of pairs of shoes I’d paid lots of money for and liked, and also spending a fair bit to replenish my shoe collection. But it was fine – I found lots of friends and family who wanted my shoes, and a few pairs went to charity. And I found a few great places to buy vegan shoes from.

Bourgeois Boheme and Vegetarian Shoes are my favourites.

And these are my favourite of all of my shoes:

Airseal Boulder Boots from Vegetarian Shoes (photo stolen from their website)

This is the view I generally have of them:

You wouldn’t believe how comfy these are! I always remember Doc Martens taking years to wear in to a point where they didn’t rip your feet to shreds. But these are brilliant, they have never hurt my feet and are awesomely cool at the same time.


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