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I went to Tesco last week and in the UHT milk section there was an array of new soya milks I’d never seen before. And they were on offer too – £1 each.


I got the cappuccino one and tried it last night.

vive soy cap

Oh my. This was delicious. I poured it into a mug and tried a bit, before putting it in the microwave (just incase it was gross – it would have been a shame to warm it, wait for it to be cool enough to drink, only to find it was undrinkable), and I’m sure it would be lovely cold in the summer with some ice. It’s very sweet, but such a delicious taste! I warmed it for 2 mins and then drank it. Yum.

The main differences I can see between vive soy and alpro soya are that alpro adds B12 (which I like – it’s good to know that gets topped up if I’ve not had marmite), but vive soy has a vastly higher percentage of soya beans in the milk (around 13% compared to alpro’s 6.5%).


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Infinity Foods Shop

As I mentioned before, Infinity Foods in Brighton have both a cafe and a food shop – both vegetarian. I thoroughly enjoyed my food at the cafe, and the following day I went to the shop.

It’s pretty sizable and has toiletries, general groceries, fresh fruit and veg, and an in-store bakery.

Since this shop is vegetarian, it had a vast range of vegan items but still involved studying quite a few ingredients lists. I’m not going to lie – I was occasionally a little disappointed to find items were vegetarian rather than vegan (things like biscuits with egg in, or cereal containing honey), but overall it was great. I’m not about to complain about this place, it’s wonderful that it exists! I guess I have been a little spoilt by Unicorn in Manchester (which is 100% vegan).

I especially liked the chilled section – there was a huge choice of vegan yogurts, “cheese” , fresh pasta, and things like tempeh and tofu.

Here’s some of the stuff I came away with – moo free chocolate, almond milk desserts, sweet freedom sweetener (as recommended by peasoupeats), amaranth, gluten free pastas, tempeh rashers, coconut oil, and olive spread. I also got a massive vegan scone from the bakery section (it was full of raisins, really nice), some fresh pastas and a gigantic bag of kale.

I’m definitely going back to this place next time we’re in Brighton!

Phone: 01273 603563

25 North Road
East Sussex

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday 9.30am – 6pm
Sunday 11am – 5pm


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In my pre-vegan (pregan?) days I wore lots of Doc Martens. Leather ones. Even though I was a vegetarian, somewhere along the line what I ate, what I called myself became disconnected from what I actually believed.

So when I decided to become a vegan, part of that was having a shoe purge. To start with I thought I might keep wearing the leather shoes until they wore out, but then I just couldn’t wear them without feeling a bit ill. And I realised that as long as I was wearing them, not only was I saying to the world that it was acceptable to wear leather shoes, but I was also giving people a reason to question my vegan life. You see, quite often people’s response to finding out I am vegan is to say “are your shoes leather?” – sometimes this is because they want to catch me out (they’re hoping they are leather, and therefore my lifestyle is flawed or inconsistent), and sometimes it’s because they want to hear that it is impossible to be vegan. That it’s too hard to find non-cruel footwear which is comfy and awesome at the same time. That really, leather is the correct material for shoes to be made of. Therefore they are right, and vegans are wrong.

But of course, vegans aren’t wrong. We are AWESOME, and leather is unnecessary.

So the shoes had to go. That meant getting rid of LOTS of pairs of shoes I’d paid lots of money for and liked, and also spending a fair bit to replenish my shoe collection. But it was fine – I found lots of friends and family who wanted my shoes, and a few pairs went to charity. And I found a few great places to buy vegan shoes from.

Bourgeois Boheme and Vegetarian Shoes are my favourites.

And these are my favourite of all of my shoes:

Airseal Boulder Boots from Vegetarian Shoes (photo stolen from their website)

This is the view I generally have of them:

You wouldn’t believe how comfy these are! I always remember Doc Martens taking years to wear in to a point where they didn’t rip your feet to shreds. But these are brilliant, they have never hurt my feet and are awesomely cool at the same time.

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Today, me and J went to the London Vegan Festival. The event was held in Kensington Town Hall, which is about 30 seconds walk from High Street Kensington tube station. Or at least it would have been if the tubes were running. Stupid tubes! We walked from Paddington, which was about a mile and a half in really muggy weather (ick). But still, glad we went because it was a great event!

The main thing I liked about it was that it was just so nice to be in a big, busy room full of vegans and vegan organisations. Everyone there had the same world view as each other, and there was a great energy. I love that there are so many vegan companies, and enough vegans to keep them in business. It made me feel good about the world!

The main hall

There was a variety of stalls, and also talks and workshops. We didn’t stay for a super long time because it was pretty packed, but we had a nice time! There was a mixture of food stalls, catering, animal rights organisations, shoes, toiletries, raw foods, cakes, all kinds of things (and lots with tasters!).

We had quite a few sheese tasters, and bought lots:

mexican creamy, chive creamy, melty medium cheddar, melty mozzarella, smoked cheddar

And got some of the new redwoods flapjacks:

brazil nut, original and double choc

And redwoods fruit desserts:

Raspberry, and peach and apricot flavours

And picked up some clif bars – 50p each (they are tricky to get in the UK and always over £1)!!

oatmeal raisin walnut, crunchy peanut butter, chocolate chip

It was great knowing absolutely everything in the room was vegan. No questions, no ingredient checking, just tasting and buying!

We got lunch from a stall called Rainforest Creations which did amazing salady things:

– I had the rainforest box:

All in all it was a great event. And it was really close to Wholefoods, which we popped in to on the way back to Paddington!

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This meal was delish and took a total of about 12 minutes to make. I love meals like that – sometimes you’re just too hungry, and you can’t be waiting around to eat. Tonight was one of those occasions, so I had wholemeal pasta, with red pesto and spinach…

I used a red pesto which I got from the Co-op. I love the Co-op! It’s great to be able to find a nice pesto with no dairy in it.


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Sometimes I wish I had a smartphone.

I don’t, you see. I have a beautifully simple little clamshell phone which doesn’t have apps or a good camera and I don’t know if it has the internet.

But occasionally I’ll be in a situation where I think man, a smartphone would be handy right now. Like when I take photos of my food at my desk and people in my office think I’m insane, or when I’m eating or drinking something ace which I want to blog about, but I haven’t got a camera with me. And I end up googling to find a picture. Like today, when I had an awesome drink with my lunch…

This is the best ready-made smoothie I’ve found:

Green Machine

I got this from Boots today – it was pretty pricey (about £2.50 I think) but just look what is in it (per bottle)…

The fruit:
  • 3 and a 1/3 apples
  • 1 banana
  • 1/3 of a kiwi
  • 1/3 of a mango
  • slice of pineapple
The extra stuff:
  • Spirulina 1335 mg
  • Chlorella 410 mg
  • Brocolli 102 mg
  • Spinach 102 mg
  • Blue green algae 51 mg
  • Garlic 51 mg
  • Barley grass 76 mg
  • Wheat grass 76 mg
  • Ginger 51 mg
  • Parsley 51 mg
Visit the Naked Juice website here
You can buy Naked Juices from Boots, Waitrose, Wholefoods and Starbucks.

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I love it when you find things in shops and they happen to be vegan! I was so busy reading the ingredients on the back of this pack in Holland and Barrett, that I didn’t realise it had the words “..it is suitable for vegans as well” right on the front!

see? it's written right there!

I found this cake to be tasty, rich, dense, not too dry, and very very fruity (especially raisins and figs).


And I really love the ingredient list – it’s the same as if you were to make a fruitcake yourself (but less labour intensive) – no unpronouncable words, just real ingredients.


Fruit (organic raisins (15.7%), organic dates (6.6%), organic figs (6.6%), organic apple juice (30.6%), organic wholemeal flour (20.7%), filtered water, organic sunflower oil, (6.0%), organic soya flour, raisin agent, sodium bicarbonate, sea salt.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g:
Energy 1111kj/266kcals, Protein 4.1g, Carbohydrate 50.0g, Fat 8.2g.

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