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Christina’s recent post alerted me to the fact that there’s a place in London which does frozen soya yogurt. Whaaaat!? That’s basically the most exciting thing I have ever heard.

I went to New Zealand at the end of January (best holiday ever) and went to Loving Hut in Auckland before I flew back the UK. It was delicious! I’ve never been to any of the ones in the UK (there are a few) but I definitely plan to now.

Oreos. It’s always been the case that oreos in the US were vegan-friendly but the ones here in the UK had milk in them. It seems like this has changed, and you can now get milk-free ones in the UK. In the FAQs on the UK oreo website, it said that they were planning to bring vegan-friendly oreos to the UK (“Oreo is currently not suitable for vegans because the recipe contains whey powder. We’re also hoping to work on a vegan option soon, so watch this space. Whey-powder free, vegan-happy Oreo will hopefully be available soon. Exciting!”), so I guess they have but they haven’t updated the website yet. Yay!

I really want to try this vegan cheese. On pizza. And then on lasagne. And maybe on a crumpet.


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Lovely Links

These flapjacks are really good – and I found them for sale in my tesco local, which was nice!

Vegan Yum Yum has started blogging again after her hiatus! Hooray!

I went to Wilderness Festival last month and there was a wonderful van which served vegan buddha bowls (cococnutty thai curry, brown rice, veg, seeds etc), porridge with maple syrup and banana, and lovely cups of tea with soya milk. If you see them at a festival or anywhere else, check them out!

Anyone else noticed that Doves Farm have stopped labelling things as vegan? There’s an explanation on their FAQs page. All a bit confusing. Their apple flapjacks now say “may contain milk”, but the chocolate crispy rice bars, which I think were vegan before (?) now actually say they contain milk. Disappointing!

A while ago I went to Mango Restaurant in Wetherby, West Yorkshire (near Leeds). I failed to take any photos (I will next time we go), but it was wonderful so thought I’d mention it!

I plan to try making these vegan-nese whirls at some point

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Lovely Links

Fatfreevegankitchen did a great article on nutritional yeast – very useful, as I never ever know how to explain what it is! (“erm, well…it looks a lot like fish food, but it tastes kind of cheesy…it’s really great!” is my usual response)

This creamy lemon pasta bake from Cooking Vegan Food Up North is going on my to-do list.

This has nothing to do with veganism, but here’s some fun instructions on how to tie a scarf!

I made this lasagne recently, and it was awesome. The cashew cheese stuff was brill and I intend to make it again – I’m sure it would be good spread on crackers or with veggie sticks as a dip.

I’m planning to make this fruit cake tonight. For Christmas!

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Lovely Links

Here’s a recipe for homemade tofu, from the Messy Vegetarian Cook.

Did you see this article about this dress at london fashion week? What a messed up world we live in. But with things like this, I always find it strange that the people who are “outraged” by it are the same people who’d happily wear leather or fur.

Making cashew cream is on my to-do list – here’s a recipe for it, and here PeaSoup has made a raw cashew cream cup. Looks awesome.

UK Vegans – if you haven’t already, check out veggies.co.uk – it has tons of useful info about products and restaurants, and it is updated really frequently.


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Lovely Links

I recently read this post on Vegansaurus. You might be eating wasps when you eat figs? WHAT THE? You really do learn something new every day. Horrified I am.

Bonzai Aphrodite has invented green powder! It’s basically dried and powdered leafy greens, which you can then throw in things like smoothies when greens aren’t in season or you’ve run out. Genius.

How far would you travel for a great meal? Personally, most of the reason I wanted to go San Fran was because I’d heard it was vegan heaven – so I guess we travelled rather a long way for lots of great meals!

Have you seen the Vegan Society’s FAQs section? It’s very good.

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Lovely Links

I LOVE Ellen. She’s funny, and a vegan, and married to Portia de Rossi, and she’s now got a vegan website – check out Go Vegan With Ellen

Check out this amazing birthday cake Vegan Dad made for his son’s 8th birthday! Skills!

Nil Zacharias wrote an article for The Huffington Post called The Quick Guide To Vegan Living – I liked it – well written and covers lots of issues. The kind of thing to get friends/family to read!

These Anytime Cookies from Mama Pea’s website look great – think they could end up on my baking rotation for weekday snacks – I’m going to make them this weekend.

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Lovely Links

Caramel shortbread is definitely one of my favourite treats – and I found a recipe! Definitely going to try this.

Here’s a clip of a comedian called Jamie Kilstein talking about veganism (don’t look if you’re offended by swearing, and jokes about eating babies. I’m totally fine with both :))

Vegan.In.Brighton Jojo has set up a vegan bakery business in Brighton – check out the website, how delish do they look? Also, she gives the profits to charity, what a legend!

Animal rights activists in South Korea caused the cancellation of a dog meat festival. Well done!

I know it’s a couple of weeks ago, but this makes me so happy. Good for you, New Yorkers.

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